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wireshark not able to launch - stuck at “finding local interfaces”


Hello Forum,

I have recently been provided with windows 10 laptop, however, I am facing issue with running wireshark, and openning pcap files. When I launch wireshark, it gets stuck with "Finding Local Interfaces".

I am a bit surprised from google results as it looks like no one is facing this issue ..

Please advise, as I am stuck with windows 10, and I use wireshark quite often ..

Waiting for your responses :)

Best Regards, Ala

asked 28 Nov '16, 23:53

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Guy Harris ♦♦

Hi Ala, I experienced the very same issue after opening trace files from Steelcentral Packet Analyzer (right click a file and choose "open in Wireshark"). Don't know if the problem was related to the files being opened from Packet Analyzer, but a restart fixed the issue for me.

I also believe I experienced the same when a network interface card was added or removed while Wireshark was running on my computer.

(29 Nov '16, 00:43) www_wireshar...

I too see this problem. I already restarted several times, I uninstalled Wireshark and reinstalled the latest version to no effect. Wireshark shows the load screen untill "Finding local interfaces" and is just stuck there unresponding. The legacy version shows the same effect.
I work with windows 10 64-bit.

(01 Dec '16, 05:51) cloidnerux

Please post the contents of the Wireshark -> Help -> About Wireshark dialog, in particular the Wireshark and Plugins tabs.

(01 Dec '16, 07:04) grahamb ♦

I am unable to access this information, as wireshark is stuck on startup. But this is a fresh standard installation of the latest wireshark 64-bit version.
Here is a screenshot:

(01 Dec '16, 07:09) cloidnerux

Ah, I didn't think that through.

(01 Dec '16, 07:16) grahamb ♦

In the install did you enable any of the "dump" tools in the "Tools section, e.g. Androiddump, SSHdump, UDPdump, Randpktdump, or install USBPcap?

You can re-run the install to check.

(01 Dec '16, 07:39) grahamb ♦

This isn't an answer, but another report of the same behavior. Fresh installation of wireshark & all related libraries (libpcap and the USB one) on windows10 -- Locks up on "finding local interfaces" exactly as in the screenshot by cloidnerux [except english language version].


(21 Mar '17, 12:58) mattaltieri

Can you try uninstalling USBCap?

(22 Mar '17, 03:27) grahamb ♦
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2 Answers:


I had the same issue and for me worked a downgrade to version 2.0.3

answered 19 Dec '16, 01:15

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Thanks for the answer 2.0.3 works fine for me, I had the same issue with 2.4.4 and 2.2.12 but 2.0.3 is working fine.

answered 02 Feb '18, 02:43

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