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What hardware interface do I need for point-to-point Ethernet communication?


This is probably a stupid question, but I am still learning the basics of WireShark.

I am trying to set up a platform to test various industrial Ethernet devices. I would like to use a point-to-point connection from my PC to the device in question. Can I simply use my PC's onboard Ethernet port? Or do I need to use some other type of hardware?


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This question can be deemed a Wireshark one only if you try really hard, but anyway - yes, an Ethernet port of your PC can be used to directly connect an Ethernet port of some other equipment using a cable alone (i.e. no need to use a switch or hub between the two), and you can use Wireshark running on your PC to capture that communication. Depending on the capabilities of the two ports, you may need to use a so-called "crossed cable", but for equipment not older than 15 years this should not be an issue, so it is worth trying with a standard patch cable first.

answered 29 Nov '16, 14:06

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