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How to display Packet List column header ‘info’



How to display or enable Packet List column header 'info' now im using Version 2.2.3

asked 21 Dec '16, 10:00

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One Answer:


You have to open the Preferences dialog and choose Appearance -> Columns. There you can enable Info again or you can add it as new one.

For adding a new one please do the following things:

  • Press the + sign
  • As type you should choose "Information"
  • Then you should enable the the checkbox in the "Displayed" column
  • Optional you can akter the name of the column a t the title column

alt text

answered 21 Dec '16, 11:54

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yeah got it! thanks....

(22 Dec '16, 00:46) badr313

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(22 Dec '16, 01:06) grahamb ♦