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Wireshark with .NET WCF?



I have a .NET WCF service running on my computer (in IIS7) that communicates over secured (certificate) TCP with my client (also on my computer). Now I need to clarify if my data really is secured (encrypted). When using the Microsoft tools like Service Trace Viewer it seems like it is not.

I have installed Wireshark and have selected the correct interface (my network card). When starting the capture a lot of packages will be shown, so first I filter it by tcp then by src (my local ip address). This reduces the number of packages but when running my application (doing some calls to the service) I can´t see them in Wireshark? I am probably using wrong filters. Please help!


asked 22 Oct '10, 08:10

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Jaap ♦

Can you provide the filter details? Can you recheck your filter?

Are you using capture filters or display filters?

(22 Oct '10, 15:39) lchappell ♦

Capture filters was set to : tcp and src

Then the display filter was set to xml.

(23 Oct '10, 00:03) Snowman

One Answer:


With both server and client on the same platform your packets will go through the loopback interface, not your network interface. Therefore you don't see them flowing out of your network connection, hence Wireshark doesn't see them.

answered 23 Oct '10, 12:09

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Okay, so I must have the client and server on two separated computers? I can´t run them both from the same computer?

(23 Oct '10, 12:49) Snowman has information which may be of help ....

(23 Oct '10, 12:58) Bill Meier ♦♦

Thanks! We solved it by setting up two computers (server and client) and we got the communication flow as expected.

(25 Oct '10, 02:43) Snowman