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Citrix intermittent hang


Hi Folks,

Citrix issues again. We're experiencing intermittent hangs and unresponsiveness I managed to get a capture taken from the client side and have analysed some basic details from it but I feel my experience is insufficient to truly know what I'm seeing or not seeing. I have anonymised the data in the capture using trace wrangler and it available a the link below

The Stream of interest is 'TCP-Stream 0' -<>-

I see batches of DUP ACKs but it's not clear to me what the cause of the DUP ACK are. I also see some points in time where the TCP delta time is high but this doesn't correspond with hangs or TCP errors which confuses me. Perhaps it's a simple case of latency on the network in between the client server. But I would really appreciate an expert opinion please?

One item to note is that while I was capturing the wireshark file I was remotely accessing the users client machine using team viewer. During the session I witnessed the Citrix session hang but the Teamviewer session never froze.

The IP's of the Teamviewer stream 192.168.251 -<>-

thanks in advance

asked 19 Jan '17, 01:06

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