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[closed] coloring rules cannot be edited, deleted or added



in my wireshark on windows 7 (Version 2.2.4 (v2.2.4-0-gcc3dc1b))I can no longer change the coloring rules. If I open the configuration dialog I can add, change and delete rules but after clicking OK there is a message: "wireshark doesn't recognize one or more of your coloring rules They have been disabled" Is there any way to remove all coloring rules (e.g. by deleting a file). Reinstalling wireshark doesn't help because coloring rules stay the same.

Thanks Ben

asked 24 Jan '17, 08:46

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closed 24 Jan '17, 09:04

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There are a number of previous questions on this subject:

(24 Jan '17, 09:04) grahamb ♦

All of the previous questions are answered with "just make the rules valid". BUT I am not able to edit my rules. I can not delete them or anything. So I can not make them valid. I am totally stuck on the rules I have configured years ago...

(25 Jan '17, 03:44) Ben_texxxas

The answer, and the comment by @sindy in the third question I linked to contains the info you require. Use a text editor, such as notepad if you have nothing else available, to manually edit the cfilters file in the profile directory.

(25 Jan '17, 04:38) grahamb ♦

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