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Capture Interfaces dialog box is different


I am trying to learn Wireshark. states that the “Capture Interfaces” dialog box looks like:

alt text

When actually running Wireshark, it looking like the following:

alt text

I recognize that the manual is 2.1 and the latest is 2.2.4, however, these look very different.

How must I modify the instructions on the manual to use 2.2.4 regarding the capture interface dialog? Are there any 2.2.4 specific instructions?

EDIT. Just realized when I went to the next page , there was something more similar to what I am seeing. Why didn't I see the “Capture Interfaces” dialog box when selecting Capture → Options…, but am seeing the “Capture Options” dialog box

asked 14 Feb '17, 10:18

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I'm not exactly sure what your question is, but the new Capture -> Options... box contains both the interface as well as the options tabs. They have combined everything into 1 window making it more user friendly than previous versions.

(14 Feb '17, 10:27) csereno

That documentation does look out of date. The wiki might help you more.

(14 Feb '17, 10:32) csereno

That documentation looks out of date for the new GUI. The GTK+ GUI, or legacy GUI as it's sometimes called, does look like the first dialog shown.

Yes, we are developers first and documentation writers second (or third, fourth, or what not). This problem will be here for a while.

(14 Feb '17, 11:55) Jaap ♦

Thanks csereno and Jaap. I am now good. On to the next thing!

(15 Feb '17, 18:17) NotionCommotion

One Answer:


As you may have noticed the WSUG is a bit out of date. The major difference you'll find is that older screenshots use the old Gtk UI while newer ones use the, well, newer Qt-based UI.

As for your question, the Qt UI has given us the ability (or otherwise caused us) to rethink a lot of the dialogs and interfaces. So rather than having separate "Capture options" and "Capture interfaces" dialogs there now one unified dialog that serves both functions (less dialogs means simpler which hopefully means easier/more intuitive to use).

answered 15 Feb '17, 06:12

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Thanks Jeff. Wasn't sure it it was out of date, or I was misinterpreting. All good now.

(15 Feb '17, 18:17) NotionCommotion