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how to close and save wireshark through cmd for task scheduler



I would like to create a task that closes wireshark portable and saves the data automatically without any interaction from the user.

What would my script look like ?

I appreciate everybody's input.

Thank You,


asked 28 Feb '17, 12:57

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One Answer:


Your question is very general. Your capture command is going to highly depend upon what you're trying to capture and for how long. Under what conditions should it stop?

In any case, you should probably be looking into using a command-line tool such as dumpcap instead of Wireshark. To help figure out your dumpcap command, I would suggest that you start by reading the dumpcap man page or dumpcap section of the Wireshark User Guide for usage information and then determine which options best fit your capturing needs.

answered 01 Mar '17, 13:40

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