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Getting The connection has timed out when using asus router


Hi everyone

I can connect to using other network connection; but using my RT-AC87U I get "The connection has timed out".

So I tried to capture the traffic between my pc and the website. Look at picture attached.

Do you have an idea to what's wrong or what to try to fix the problem?

I can connect to lots of other site including this site :-) using the same router. alt text

asked 21 Mar '17, 07:10

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One Answer:


The image shows repeated attempts by machine with the IP address 192.1682.135 to open a TCP connection to the IP address (which is the site you mention). The remote end either fails to respond or closes the connection attempt with a RST response.

Not much more to be said as the capture is likely to be from the machine attempting the connection and thus we have no idea what's happening in the router, is it even attempting to open a connection to the remote site or are the RST's actually coming from the remote site. Capturing on the remote site would show if the connection requests are received there, may be the logs in your router might show some info.

answered 21 Mar '17, 07:20

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Thanks for your answer, but I cannot capture at the remote site; not my server. I have ssh access to my router - is there a way to capture on the router? It's running some kind of Linux. Do you know where these logs typically is places or called?

(21 Mar '17, 07:52) rgry