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WireShark in Ubuntu 16 is failed for


Hi, wireshark 1.12.8 is build on centos 6.3. the steps mentioned in the wireshark dev page is followed (configure, make, make install). Now that binary is supposed to install in Ubuntu 16. It is failed due to is not found. I checked in internet that Ubuntu 16 is having libgcrypt20. so is there any feasible work around for the binary to run on Ubuntu.


asked 03 Apr '17, 01:03

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By far the best answer is going to be: compile for your target platform. That is, if you want to run Wireshark on Ubuntu you're going to need to compile it on Ubuntu.

There's some slight chance that, with a lot of painful work, you could get a program compiled on CentOS running on Ubuntu but it wouldn't be a fun road.

FWIW you'd have a much better chance of success using a more modern CentOS (i.e., CentOS 7) if your target is such a modern Ubuntu.

answered 03 Apr '17, 07:24

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And, for better or worse, Linux isn't a "platform" at the binary level; there are some cases where a binary built for one distribution could work on some version of another distribution.

The fact that Centos 6.3 has and Ubuntu 16 has means one of two things:

  1. the two versions of libgcrypt are not binary compatible, and the binary built might not work with;
  2. whoever is responsible for assigning shared library version numbers to libgcrypt on those distributions (whether it's the distributions or the upstream maintainers of libgcrypt) don't understand how shared libraries should be given version numbers and gratuitously broke binary compatibility without the libraries themselves being binary-incompatible.
(03 Apr '17, 17:07) Guy Harris ♦♦