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G.729 patents and Wireshark


According to SiproLAB website ( it appears that the G.729 patents have expired. Are any development resources currently working on integrating G.729 decode capabilities into Wireshark?

asked 13 Apr '17, 12:59

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G.729 playback is now merged in Wireshark development builds for Linux and Windows (starting from v2.5.0rc0-558-g3e54cabf81). You can grab Windows pre compiled binaries here.

answered 30 Jul '17, 03:12

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Pascal Quantin
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There's always a chance, and the odds have now improved considerably.

answered 14 Apr '17, 04:35

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Jaap ♦
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No one is currently working on it as far as I know, but it's worth filling an enhancement request in our Bugzilla with a pcap containing a call using this codec for testing purpose.

answered 14 Apr '17, 10:42

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Pascal Quantin
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I planned to add this feature in February, but have not gotten to this yet. A sample capture for G.729A is available at, while the bcg729 library looks promising. (Apparently ffmpeg has a decoder too, but I did not look into that.)

(16 Apr '17, 16:39) Lekensteyn

For the sake of completeness: Enhancement request is documented with bug 13635

(20 Apr '17, 23:30) Uli

Guys, all voip engineers around the world will kiss your hands after you implement g729 decoder into wireshark.

(26 Jul '17, 05:42) ky4k0b

Until that happens, there is always the possibility to extract the RTP flow alone and use pcapplay capabilities of SIPp, playing the captured stream to a hardware phone or a transcoding SBC.

(26 Jul '17, 08:54) sindy

You can follow bug 13635 as I'm currently working on a patch adding this capability

(27 Jul '17, 00:33) Pascal Quantin

I'll try and have a look.

(27 Jul '17, 01:38) Jaap ♦
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