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Can not open wireshark trace


hello. i have captured wireshark file but i can not open it later. file name is xxx.pcapng. displays below error. The file "xxx.pcapng" isn't captire file in a format WIreshark understands. file size about 500MB

BR Kamran

asked 17 Apr '17, 00:48

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Then it's either not a Wireshark capture file (e.g. it's text output redirected to a file), or the file got damaged (e.g. when using FTP file transfer in non-binary mode). Inspecting the file (e.g. with the file utility on Linux, or opening it with an ASCII text editor) could shed some light on the type of file it really is.

answered 17 Apr '17, 01:08

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Jaap ♦
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i can open this file in one PC but can not open in another PC.

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(17 Apr '17, 08:49) Kamran

How did you copy this file from the one PC to the other ?

(17 Apr '17, 09:19) Bill Meier ♦♦