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Set Custom name for Custom Package


I have gone through the steps of Win32 step by step guide.I have also made a package of Wireshark but the setup package has Wireshark as its name and tooltip.Also the dialog boxes open while installing this custom made package are having title as wireshark in them. How to set a user defined name for custom packed wireshark by default?

asked 05 Sep '11, 23:49

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Are you just wanting to show it's a custom version of Wireshark or remove references to Wireshark entirely?

(06 Sep '11, 00:54) grahamb ♦

i like to replace the word wireshark on the wireshark installer, installer's tooltip,installer dialog boxes that are opened while installing,with any other xyz and try.

check 2.2.13 option in the below given html page.

(06 Sep '11, 01:27) Terrestrial ...

One Answer:


To change the installer info you'll need to edit packaging\nsis\wireshark.nsi and possibly some of the files referenced by that file. The item you point to in the Developers Guide just refers to the name of the installer executable produced by modifying VERSION_EXTRA in config.nmake.

Out of interest why do you want to lose the cachet associated with the Wireshark brand by replacing it with something else?

answered 06 Sep '11, 02:01

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please answer my other two questions too..

Thanks, Regards, Prashanth.

(06 Sep '11, 03:39) Terrestrial ...