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How is the burst rate calculated?


When you go to "Packet Lengths" in the Statistics menu, you get the following:

alt text

My question is this: how are these values calculated? Are their formulas somewhere in the documentation, and if so, where?

I'm especially interested in knowing how the "burst rate" is calculated.

Another thing: is it possible to obtain this data through tshark? Thanks!

asked 02 May '17, 08:12

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answered 02 May '17, 08:26

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So, if I understand correctly, does this mean that the capture is divided and analyzed with a window of, say, 10ms, and the burst rate is the maximum number of packets sent in any such intervals?

(02 May '17, 09:51) workin221

Yes that is true.

(02 May '17, 09:57) Christian_R

I see, thank you. Do you know if it's possible to obtain this information through tshark? I'm trying to write a python script that extracts this kind of information from a pcap file. I guess I can always do it "manually" though.

(02 May '17, 10:08) workin221