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Help to extract PNG from pcap



I need help to try and extract a file from this pcap, At first I thought there was a PNG in there, and it's got metadata from Photoshop, but I can't see the first hex bytes of a PNG file in the items that Wireshark extracted for me.

In plaintext, I would like help with:

  1. If there is an image in there, can it get extracted? Also I would appreciate some comments/instructions how it can be done as I'm not able to. Got to keep learning!
  2. If no image, what file is it?


asked 03 May '17, 02:35

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Unless you make the file publicly accessible, we can't assist you.

(03 May '17, 04:30) Jaap ♦

Sorry, new to cloudshark. It should be public now

(03 May '17, 04:32) Suedish

One Answer:


The file magic 'ab cd 98 76' lead to a single hit on GitHub (, so it seems a Weiyun API related format. The involved IP address seems to support this observation.

answered 03 May '17, 06:25

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