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How to create Wireshark plugin to handle duplex/two-way pipe on Windows?


Hi all,

We are currently using a code to parse CAN Bus messages into Wireshark from a data logger. As part of this, we are using a named pipe to feed the data.

We are interested in also doing the reverse, i.e. using a plugin GUI in Wireshark to feed custom CAN bus messages from that GUI back through the pipe so that the logger can transmit it to the CAN bus.

Has anyone seen something similar done and/or have suggestions for how to set up a duplex named pipe solution for this for Windows?

If any of you have an idea, we would be grateful!

Best, Martin

asked 03 Jun '17, 11:05

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One Answer:


Wireshark doesn't generate messages, so while you could do that in a custom plugin, there is no support for that.

You should also look at the extcap interface specification which allows external data sources to be added as pseudo interface. See the extcap wiki page and doc/README.extcap in the source tree for more info.

answered 03 Jun '17, 11:47

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