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ethers file with v2.2.7-0-g1861a96


v2.2.7-0-g1861a96 is not using ethers file from either the Personal configuration Location or System Location. Under Preferences | Appearance | Name Resolution | Resolve MAC addresses is selected. Is this a known issue or am I missing something?

asked 08 Jun '17, 07:40

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Got mine in ~/.wireshark/ethers working just fine. Is that what you have?

(08 Jun '17, 14:07) Jaap ♦

Personal configuration C:\Users\339472\AppData\Roaming\Wireshark\

System C:\Program Files\Wireshark

This is where the "About Wireshark" Folders tab shows that the ethers file should exist.

(09 Jun '17, 06:15) GaryRoger

I have it in ~/.wireshark/ethers, but it's not working for me? Reloading wireshark didn't work either

(07 Oct '17, 12:44) naisanza

so I assume you're not running Wireshark as root, and put the ethers file in your user home directory?

(07 Oct '17, 14:16) Jasper ♦♦