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Help capturing VoIP traffic


Configured a monitor port on the switch. Connected to this port. Only seeing Local IP traffic

Anyone help me configure this as I most be doing something wrong.

asked 09 Jun '17, 09:36

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'The switch' is a rather generic indication of the networking equipment we are supposed to help you with... Last time I checked we're not psychic, so you've got to tell us exactly what you're working with and what you're doing.

(09 Jun '17, 10:14) Jaap ♦

The switch is a HPE 1920 48Port PoE+ switch. Port 23 has been configured as the Monitor Port. When I start a capture, it seems that 90% of all traffic is the laptop that I am connected to. Want to exclude that in the capture and look to get VoIP traffic logged

(09 Jun '17, 12:00) lslifkin

This may be obvious but make sure: - Span port is correctly configured - In wireshark make sure you enable promiscuous mode on the capturing interface

You may want to remove any capture filters just in case there's an error in it.

(09 Jun '17, 12:12) jerioux

One Answer:


In addition to defining a monitor port - the port(s) to monitor - you have to define a mirror port (where to send the traffic). Something like:

; Monitor these ports
interface 3-4,7-9,18,27,31,37
; Send the data to here
mirror-port 24

answered 13 Jun '17, 06:30

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