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usbmon Set_Address request not found in capture data


hi, I was trying to analyze the communication with HID device(mouse) with wireshark. As per the protocol,in the enumeration process The host sends a Get_Descriptor request to device address 0, Endpoint 0 learn the maximum packet size of the default pipe. After this the host controller has to assigns a unique address to the device by sending a Set_Address request. But in the captured data there is no Set_Address request even though the communication is happening with a different address. why is it so?? please help. Please check the attached capture file

asked 19 Jun '17, 10:13

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Do not post screenshots, post the capture files - either at cloudshark or at any file sharing service, and edit your question with a link to the file. Analyse of screenshots is close to impossible.

(19 Jun '17, 12:54) sindy