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Capturing problem Man-in-the-middle ethernet bridge windows 10


Hello, I'm trying to capture in promiscuous mode the traffic to a host on a windows 10 laptop. I have 2 ethernet interface binded each other with the bridge utility of windows. So I've putted my laptop in the middle of communication of my test device. the device is working well, so the bridge is fine. When I try to capture the packets in promiscuous mode to this host I can capture only packet from or to my address. Anyone can figure out why? Thanks


asked 06 Jul '17, 01:29

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Do you use WinPcap or NPcap? WinPcap allows you to capture at one of the physical interfaces forming up the bridge, which is what you need to do to capture the transit traffic; NPcap only allows you to capture at the virtual interface representing the bridge to the rest of the OS, so only packets to/from this interface can be captured, not those transiting between the physical ports.

(06 Jul '17, 01:39) sindy