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I downloaded the free version of Wireshark, but when I select Statistics, then there is no option for ports, among other things. How do I get these options? Are they free?

More specifically, I am running Wireshark version 1.4.0 running in windows XP and I got it from the wireshark webpage. I cannot see the "Port Type" option in the statistics pull down menu that I saw as an option in one of the educational videos by Laura Chappell. I have statistics options such as Summary, Protocol Hierarchy, Conversations etc. I don't have the specific option "Port Type". As I said before, I noticed it in the educational video "Wireshark Functionality and Fundamentals" under section 6 "Examining basic Trace File Statistics." I also don't have the option "VoIP Calls," "SIP," among other features. Forgive my lack of specificity, I did not think I would get a response so quickly or at all really. :) Thanks for your time.

asked 25 Oct '10, 13:06

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You see nothing when you select Statistics from the menubar?

Where did you get your copy of Wireshark? What OS? What version?

You should see Summary, Protocol Hierarchy, Conversations, Endpoints, Packet Lengths, IO Graphs, Conversation List, etc.

(25 Oct '10, 14:18) lchappell ♦

The only version of Wireshark that's available is the free version; there isn't any non-free version. What sort of "ports" statistic are you looking for?

(25 Oct '10, 19:03) Guy Harris ♦♦