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When do you support Lua5.3?


Lua5.3 has been producted more than two years, and I'd like to know when to support it, or never?

asked 19 Jul '17, 22:12

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There's a lengthy discussion here listing pros and cons

I don't quite remeber the final verdict but I think something did not compile on one of our platforms with LUA 5.3

(20 Jul '17, 00:21) Anders ♦

One Answer:


There has been a longer thread at the developer mailing list some time ago to support Lua 5.3.

As I've understood it: no currently active plans. Devs: Correct me when I'm wrong.

answered 20 Jul '17, 00:21

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You are correct.

(20 Jul '17, 05:02) Jaap ♦