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How to open JPEG files directly?


Hi All,

I read in the relnotes from version 1.4.0

.... You can open JPEG files directly in Wireshark

I opened in a browser and Wireshark runs. With image-jfif i could filter it. But how can i open it directly? The only what i still coild do is follow tcp stream and then save it raw


asked 14 Sep '10, 09:42

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One Answer:


"Open JPEG files directly" means that you can open them via File→Open. Wireshark will display the JPEG file as a single "packet". You can open and analyze MP3 files in the same way.

If you want to export a JPEG you've captured in an HTTP session you can use File→Export→Objects→HTTP.

answered 14 Sep '10, 10:04

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Note that "Open JPEG files" means that Wireshark will dissect the JPEG file, not that it'll display it as an image. Wireshark currently includes no code to hand the contents of, for example, an HTTP GET reply to something that can display it in its native format, e.g. displaying a JPEG or GIF or PNG or... as an image. To do that, you'd need to export it, as per Gerald's instructions.

(15 Sep '10, 17:11) Guy Harris ♦♦