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How do I capture iscsi traffic on a VLAN?


I have a initiator with the VLAN ID of 1002, and both the switch and target are on the same VLAN. In order to capture this session with Wireshark, do I need to enable a specific capture filter? Or should I just be able to see it regardless and I'm doing something entirely wrong. Thanks

asked 24 Jul '17, 09:49

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Review your capture setup carefully with regards to capture point, span or monitor settings, etc. The information you provided on the setup is too scarce to make more detailed recommendations.

answered 24 Jul '17, 10:14

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Jaap ♦
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Okay, thanks for replying. A little more specifics is that I am remote desktopping to a windows server that is the host of the initiator. So my capture point is from the host, and I'm trying to capture traffic that runs through the Host Bus Adapter.

(24 Jul '17, 10:39) cartersnay

You talked about the switch and target being on the same clan, but what about the Windows Server?

(24 Jul '17, 13:47) Jaap ♦