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Need to capture traffic on a bandwidth larger than 1 gig (around 10 gig), does using cat7 work?



I need to capture traffic on a port on a server. I want large bandwidth (around 10 Gig). Since wireshark doesn't support capturing traffic on fiber channel, can I connect a Cat 7 cable to a 10 Gig ethernet port on the server and a 10 gig copper SFP port on my switch which supports fiber to capture traffic? Will it work?

asked 24 Jul '17, 17:03

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Is the "server" you mention:

  • the machine whose traffic you want to capture, or
  • the machine on which you are going to run Wireshark for capturing traffic of some other machine(s), using port mirroring at the switch?
(25 Jul '17, 00:12) sindy