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Can I trace traffic on a laptop using an integral 3G SIM


We have a number of laptops out in the field using 3G sims for mobile broadband. We have seena massive increase in data useage and wanted to use wireshark to try and identify which applications might be responsible for the increase. However when I loaded it on 1 of the laptops the Mobile broadband connection doesn't show up for tracing, only bluetooth, LAN and WAN. Is there a way for me to achive what I need?

asked 26 Jul '17, 01:15

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What is your OS and which version and what is your Wireshark version?

(26 Jul '17, 01:36) Jaap ♦

Also what capture library are you using, WinPcap or npcap (or even something else)?

(26 Jul '17, 02:39) grahamb ♦

Windows 7 SP1 WinPcap I think. I just did the free download and hit all the defaults on the install. I'm not really technical and I think maybe Wireshark isn't the tool for me. I've just now looking at Glasswire which might be a bit better for my limited technical knowledge. Thanks for the replies though

(26 Jul '17, 09:39) brittas