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How do I monitor a “specific” app?


I use an art software called "Clip studio paint".I want to know what kind of files go in and out when I either go online or launch the app while online.I also want to know exactly which file or folder the information gets sent from.I'm not very computer savvy,and know nothing about computer/software programming (Whether they are the same or not i'm unsure). How would I go about configuring this?

asked 26 Jul '17, 08:27

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Unfortunately not directly with Wireshark as it has no way of filtering the traffic to a specific application. If you "know" that the application only uses certain protocols\ports then you could filter on those, but what about stuff you don't know.

Microsoft's Message Analyser apparently can filter traffic to a specific application so that might be an option for you.

Regardless of your approach you're likely to be exposed to the complexities of network traffic to "find" what you're looking for and that requires a reasonable amount of computer knowledge.

answered 26 Jul '17, 09:46

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