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Ubuntu 17.04, Wireshark installation removed all my groups (including sudo)


After installing Wireshark 2.2.4 from official Ubuntu (17.04) repository and allowing the package to add me to wireshark group, I found that I am no longer a member of any other group:

$ grep username /etc/group

and running any command as root (sudo) responds with:

username is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.

While I am perfectly fine with fixing this situation, I would like to know where can I report this unusual behavior.

asked 27 Jul '17, 05:21

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One Answer:


You should report that to the Ubuntu package manager responsible for the package as the Wireshark project does not produce the distribution packages.

answered 27 Jul '17, 05:25

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That's exactly what I needed. Thanks!

(27 Jul '17, 05:26) fuszumasa