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Total Send and receive data on my server


Hello all senpai,

I am using this software(v2.4.0) for the first time. I would like to thank you guys for the software and for the reply in advance. I've read some of the post here but not sure if it is related to my inquiry. I have a file server and i would like to check total data sent and received from all my other clients computers for the month. Reason being that we would like to move on the cloud storage so i could get information on estimated one month cost will be how much before we commit.

Kindly forgive me for my newbie-ness and hope explanation can be in layman term. Gary

asked 27 Jul '17, 18:28

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Wireshark is a power tool to look at network traffic to the most minute detail. Every bit of every network packet is being looked at as if under a microscope. Now, would you use a microscope to gauge how much water flows through your watermain? Probably not. So even though Wireshark is a very capable 'microscope' which is capable to do statistics like this, it's not what it's made for. It will be cumbersome to use this way, while other tools are specifically made for this purpose. For instance your network card and driver already collect network statistics, and tools like Cacti leverage this. Another option is to look into is ntop-ng which does capture and analysis network traffic, like Wireshark, specifically for statistics.

answered 27 Jul '17, 23:24

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Thank you senpai!

(27 Jul '17, 23:32) SlaCk3r