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Responsibilty of protocol dissector



I would like to know how to find out who is responsible or working on a specific protocol dissector. Specifically I am interested in the PROFINET dissector.


asked 27 Jul '17, 23:34

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One Answer:


There is no formal assignment of dissectors to a certain person / developer, that is not how such a vast FOSS project can operate. I'm sure there's a far better SharkFest (shameless plug :) ) presentation on it, but it comes down to the individual programmer who writes the dissector code, and the core-developers accepting it into the repository to be build into Wireshark. Who this individual programmer is varies widely, but usually someone with an interest in that particular protocol. In short, it can be anybody.

If no further response here, you can always subscribe to the Wireshark developer mailinglist and drop a note there.

answered 28 Jul '17, 02:04

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