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FTP capturing


Hi. As practice I'm trying to capture FTP using filezilla between a laptop to a pizero on a lab network using a wireless router, so trying to do this all wirelessly. I'm using a laptop loaded with Kali linux (obviously using wireshark to capture from there), monitor mode is working, I see the lab network without problems. But when I try to capture the sending of a jpg from the laptop to the pizero I can never find any evidence that the transaction took place. I ran wireshark concurrently on the laptop a couple times and in one of those instances I was able to see the username and password being passed; but still I have nothing on the Kali laptop that shows this ever happened. Lastly, I see that the file transfers, I see it on the desktop every time where I put it. Thanks for any suggestions.

asked 30 Jul '17, 17:30

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