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Wireshark on pfSense


Hello, i have more problems with wireshark. On my network i have pfSense product and i want to install wireshark on pfSense? is it possible ? If possible,how can i do it?

So one more, My pfsense products has 6 ports which i get from 2 ISP and i do load balancing and failover, is there anyway to use wireshark by install on a pc and connect it to port of pfsense and capture it ?

asked 31 Jul '17, 23:54

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One Answer:


I would recommend just using the packet capture feature on pfSense (in the "Diagnostics" menu, "Packet Capture") and download the capture file afterwards to look at it in Wireshark. You don't have a GUI in pfSense anyway, so I doubt you could install Wireshark.

The other option you have is to connect to the box via SSH (or locally) and use TCPdump.

answered 01 Aug '17, 00:59

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