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How to use Debug_Pdu in MATE


How to use Debug_Pdu in MATE?

The MATE Reference Manual does not provide enough guidance.

Thanks in advance.

asked 02 Aug '17, 07:55

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Sorry mate (can't resist that),

I've completely missed the Debugging stuff chapter of the reference manual when updating it to the new syntax. You need to place at the beginning of your MATE script something similar to the example below. Formally none of the items is mandatory, but

  • without defining a filename you won't see anything in GUI Wireshark (no console available),
  • the default level is 0 (full silence) for both the global and individual levels.

And don't expect too much from the levels, using 9 will not flood you as much as you might be afraid according to the manual.

Debug { Filename "C:\mate_debug.txt"; Level 2; Pdu Level 9; Gop Level 3; Gog Level 4; };

answered 02 Aug '17, 08:48

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I've just updated the relevant part of MATE reference manual.

(02 Aug '17, 13:59) sindy