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I/O Graph bits or bytes per second?


In former versions of wireshark it was possible to see bits or bytes per second in I/O-graph. But now there are only packtes. No one needs packets, bits or bytes are much more usefull. And with version 2.4.0 now also wireshark-legacy is no longer existing. This is no improvement, tool is getting worse with every new version.

asked 16 Aug '17, 13:50

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One Answer:


You can set the Y scale units (packets, bytes, bits) independently for each track of the graph, along with the display filter used to choose packets for that track and its colour, style, and eventually field of the packet which is to be used as source of the values.

And these settings are stored in your profile so they survive restart of the application.

answered 16 Aug '17, 14:09

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But only in good old "Legacy" version of Wireshark, which is no longer available (since 2.4.0). And with newer version of Wireshark it is not possible to set Y scale units to bits, or bytes. It is fixed to packets.

(29 Sep '17, 05:01) kuchenmann

Have you tried double clicking the Y scale units? On my OS (Windows) that allows me to select the scale units from a drop list that includes bytes and bits.

(29 Sep '17, 05:22) grahamb ♦

Thanks a lot. Now I got it. Did not recognize that I have to double-click the lines below the I/O graph.

(29 Sep '17, 14:19) kuchenmann