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can’t run tcprewrite on 2 specific address - unable to parse as valid CIDR


tcprewrite -N --pnat=, -i ./upload.pcap -o ./upload_ip1.pcap

and I get: Unable to parse as a vaild CIDR: --pnat=

asked 11 Sep '17, 03:02

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Note that tcprewrite doesn't come from the Wireshark developers; it's from these people.

(11 Sep '17, 22:49) Guy Harris ♦♦

One Answer:


The parameter "-N" and "--pnat=" are the same (just long and short version). Therefore just specify one of them, e.g.

tcprewrite -N, -i ./upload.pcap -o ./upload_ip1.pcap

answered 11 Sep '17, 04:54

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actually - the right answer would be to use only 1 pair - this code replace the ip with itself - but you are correct about using both -n and --pnat

(11 Sep '17, 23:39) kdani