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“OneWireshark-win64-2.3.0-ESVN-3701” source code


Hello everyone, I'm using wireshark to decode a captured file of Ericsson OCS for Telco which used Diameter protocol. I tried "Decode As ..." but some command codes still Unknown. I found that OneWireshark-win64-2.3.0-ESVN-3701 is able to understand these command codes but I cannot find out the source code of this version from the official website of Wireshark. Could you please tell me how I can download the source code of "OneWireshark-win64-2.3.0-ESVN-3701" ?

Thank you very much.

asked 12 Sep '17, 02:04

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One Answer:


If you look under help/about you will find the following notice:

This software contains Ericsson proprietary information and is intended solely for internal Ericsson use. Under no circumstances should this software be resold, leased or otherwise allowed to go outside Ericsson to other companies or individuals alike Proprietary information Copyright Ericsson AB 2003-2017. All rights reserved.

answered 12 Sep '17, 04:24

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Thank Anders for your information :)

(13 Sep '17, 18:47) hoangsonk49