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How to capture PPP on wireshark


Hi everyone, I am a new user to wireshark. I am having some problem getting wireshark to capture PPP can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and what do I actually have to do to get the PPP because I have been searching google and youtube for this information and I still haven't found anything that shows me how to get PPP yet.

asked 23 Sep '17, 01:01

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What is the OS you're capturing on?

(23 Sep '17, 03:02) grahamb ♦

I'm using windows

(23 Sep '17, 05:46) Tracer

One Answer:


WinPcap, the standard capture driver used by Wireshark on Windows doesn't handle PPP.

Previously, I have used Microsoft's NetMon to make PPP captures and then export the capture to pcap and open it in Wireshark. I haven't done that for a while so I don't know if MessageAnalyzer (the replacement for NetMon) can capture PPP, but I think it should be able to do so.

Another option is to replace WinPcap with Npcap, which is a modern replacement for WinPcap, but again I haven't tried that for PPP captures. If you do try Npcap, I suggest manually uninstalling WinPcap first.

answered 23 Sep '17, 07:50

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