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ZEP upgrade on Wireshark for linux Ubuntu


Hi everyone,

First, I would like to thank all Wireshark contributors for making such a good product available to the community!

I would like to to know if there is any plan to upgrade the ZigBee Encapsulation Protocol (ZEP) plugin from ZEPv2 to ZEPv4 for linux Ubuntu for Wireshark versions 2.2.X since sniffers vendors such as SEWIO seem to have ended their support to this very important/simple feature within Wireshark

Please check the features added by their ZEP v3 and V4 at --->select the "Part 3 - Adjusting Wireshark" tab


asked 28 Sep '17, 15:59

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One Answer:


There are a couple of things to say in response:

  1. There is no formal planning of supported features, see the FAQ
  2. New features are only introduced into the development version, later to become the stable version, see the life cycle.
  3. Since the GPLv2 applies to Wireshark and therefore to this dissector by SEWIO, you can request its source code from them and work with the Wireshark developers to get it into the repository.

I have no working knowledge of this protocol so can't comment on its relevance.

answered 29 Sep '17, 02:18

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