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Decoding TLS Traffic


Hey guys, I just wanted to know whether it's possible to decode TLS_PSK_AES_128_CBC_SHA, having the pre-shared keys.

asked 25 Oct '10, 17:39

TylerDurden1983's gravatar image

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Did you check Good resource page for TLS decryption.

(26 Oct '10, 09:18) lchappell ♦

One Answer:


Given the right keys, the instructions in should point you in the right direction. Be sure that you have all keys in the proper format; I ran into problems with a system that wouldn't directly export keys to a PEM file, and I had to manually take it through a few steps with openssl (the use of which is discussed on the wiki page) to massage the keys into a PEM file before I could proceed.

answered 26 Oct '10, 10:38

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From what I have read in the Wiki link, it seems Wireshark can only decode RSA encrypted traffic, unless i am missing somethin

(26 Oct '10, 14:09) TylerDurden1983