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minix neo z83-4 pro



the softare is compatible with this system minix neo z83-4 pro?

asked 07 Oct '17, 15:52

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Generally, the hardware doesn't matter, it's the OS running on the hardware. What is that?

(08 Oct '17, 14:15) grahamb ♦

windows 10

(10 Oct '17, 02:20) scanman

One Answer:


Yes Wireshark runs on Windows 10.

As noted on the download page the list of supported platforms can be found in the User's Guide.

answered 10 Oct '17, 02:31

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grahamb ♦
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anyway i can confirm now works

(24 Oct '17, 04:16) scanman

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(24 Oct '17, 04:34) grahamb ♦