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Scanning All Channels


I set Wireshark to monitor mode in order to capture all 802.11 frames, but it seems that it is stuck in one channel (channel 1). What I want is to scan all channels. Demo purposes.

Is there any way to configure Wireshark in MAC for doing so?


asked 09 Oct '17, 11:20

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Check the answer to this question.

answered 09 Oct '17, 12:00

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Unfortunately, Wireshark doesn't currently support channel scanning on any platform, and doesn't currently support setting the channel via the Wireshark GUI on macOS.

answered 10 Oct '17, 00:25

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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The tool you want to use to scan all channels on a MAC with configurable dwell time and collect packets is:

This will do an offline collection then you can open the saved trace file in Wireshark (either automatically or manually). I assume you already know that the traces won't really be coherent - you will only get a small sample from each channel (depending on dwell time) and it is offline - it will collect packets then when you stop the collection process it will write them to disk for ex post facto analysis. I don't know if that is good enough for your needs or not.

I'd consider moving to a linux platform if this does not meet your needs.

answered 10 Oct '17, 02:01

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Bob Jones
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Note that, as I said in my answer, "Wireshark doesn't currently support channel scanning on any platform" - it might support setting the channel from the GUI on Linux, but it doesn't support setting it to "scan and stop when you see packets" or "scan and have it listen for N seconds on each channel".

(10 Oct '17, 02:10) Guy Harris ♦♦