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Interface details - Mac/Windows


So I'm trying to know my permanent station address by going into interface details, but for some reason I can't find it. I have tried both Windows and Mac, but no luck at all. Any suggestions?

The picture down below is the thing I'm trying to find.

asked 10 Oct '17, 07:31

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I've moved the image from your "answer" to the question and then deleted the "answer". Hopefully someone will come along and give you an actual answer.

(10 Oct '17, 08:30) grahamb ♦

So you're trying to find the MAC address of the Ethernet interface of the machine that's running Wireshark?

(10 Oct '17, 19:28) Guy Harris ♦♦

If it brings me to that exact picture, then I guess so.

(11 Oct '17, 03:33) captainpanca...

One Answer:


That dialog is only present in the old GTK version of Wireshark and isn't present in the Qt version which is used on Windows and macOS, the address is normally known as the "MAC Address" for each interface on the machine.

If you think it should be added to the Qt version please check first, and if no item for it currently exists, raise an enhancement request on the Wireshark Bugzilla.

The information you require can be obtained from the OS's themselves, e.g. see here.

answered 11 Oct '17, 03:54

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Please STOP posting comments as "answers", it confuses other users of the site.

Yes, the MAC address is exactly the same as the "Permanent station address".

(11 Oct '17, 05:40) grahamb ♦

Please STOP posting comments as "answers",

I.e., this isn't a forum, it's a Q&A site. "Answers" are answers to the original question; further questions asked of the person who asked the original question, and answers to those questions, are just comments.

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