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How do i fix error “Lua:Error during loading:? See screenshot


OS: Ubuntu mate 16.04 Couple questions? How to run Wireshark as root user from desktop icon? When i run wireshark as "sudo wireshark" it opens and give following error, how do i fix it?

alt text

asked 11 Oct '17, 21:11

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Do NOT run Wireshark as root, this is a potential security risk. Instead configure your system to allow non-root users to capture, see here for info.

answered 12 Oct '17, 01:16

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If i do not run wireshark as "sudo wireshark" from terminal it will not detect the interface to packet captures on?

(12 Oct '17, 16:54) A1-Guy

That's because you haven't followed the instruction in the link I gave that tell you how to configure your system to allow non-root users to capture.

(13 Oct '17, 01:40) grahamb ♦