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Why cannot see “own” messages


Hello together,

I cannot see any message my computer sends, although there is no filter activated. My computer definitely sends some requests because I can see the answers from other ip addresses (for example on a ping). I have this problem on all interfaces, so it cannot be a filter on a certain ip address.

Does somebody have some idea, what setting can be the cause for this funny behavior? Is there a "intern" filter for "own" ip addrees, which I cannot see directly, or something like this?

Thanks, Patricia

asked 12 Oct '17, 00:47

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Update: Meanwhile I´ve uninstalled WinPcap, Wireshark and NPcap and than reinstalled Wireshark with WinPcap activated. Now everything works fine and I can see my own messages!

answered 16 Oct '17, 05:57

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I guess you're running on Windows, if so the issue is likely to be either an Endpoint AV Security or VPN application that interferes with WinPcap's ability to capture. Removing the interfering items (as in uninstall) usually fixes the issue.

answered 12 Oct '17, 01:23

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grahamb ♦
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Thank you for your answer, grahamb! Yes I´m running on Windows and there was actually installed a VPN client on my computer the last weeks. But I´m currently not running the VPN client and the problem also accours. Is there any possibility to remove the interfering items (by the way: do you now which items this are?), without uninstall the VPN? I need both, the VPN client to be installed (but not necessarily connected and the wireshark information about my packets.

(12 Oct '17, 03:55) Patricia

Others who have had this issue have had to uninstall the VPN software.

An alternative is to try Npcap, the upcoming replacement for WinPcap.

Manually uninstall WinPcap, reboot, and then manually install Npcap. Wireshark can use either and it's possible that Npcap, being newer, might work with your VPN software.

Npcap can be downloaded from here.

(12 Oct '17, 04:06) grahamb ♦

Oh, thanks for this good hint, but I cannot validate if this works because I get errors while installing Npcap. I will still try installing and give feedback if I was successful. Thank you very much for your help grahamb!

(16 Oct '17, 00:02) Patricia

I get errors while installing Npcap

Then you should report them to the Npcap developers so they can try to fix them.

(16 Oct '17, 01:14) Guy Harris ♦♦