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Established But Keeps Disconnecting [SYN, ECN, CWR]


Hi Guys,

I'm having trouble to keep the connectivity between client and server steady. Can you help me analyze?

alt text

Thank you so much.

Regards, CJ

asked 16 Oct '17, 02:49

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Christian Jo...
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One Answer:


Looks as though the client ( doesn't like the 62 bytes of data sent from the server as it gracefully closes the connection within 40 ms or so of receiving the data.

answered 16 Oct '17, 03:21

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grahamb ♦
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edited 17 Oct '17, 04:27

That's not a network problem. Packets are delivered fine, no loss, nothing. This is stack or (most likely) application.

(16 Oct '17, 03:50) Jasper ♦♦


My answer could have been better, I meant the client application as made clear by the comment from @Jasper.

(16 Oct '17, 04:09) grahamb ♦

@grahamb as per checking the config, is configured as the server, I'm quite confused on that part.

(17 Oct '17, 00:56) Christian Jo...

Oops, typo, sorry about that. Fixed in answer.

(17 Oct '17, 04:26) grahamb ♦

Thanks. As I try to troubleshoot further, when I telnet internally to, it immediately closes the connection, the response is "connection closed by foreign host". Do you think this has something to do to the problem?

(17 Oct '17, 23:34) Christian Jo...

That seems to be different behaviour than that shown in your question. Is the telnet client sending anything to the server to trigger the connection close?

(18 Oct '17, 03:10) grahamb ♦
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