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not receiving HTTP,TCP,DNS packets


To monitor the traffic of a lab of my department , i unplugged a connection(that connection is of a lab) from my department's main distribution internet switch and connected it to hub , then from i gave two connection from hub, one to that unplugged connection and other to my laptop(on which wireshark is installed) but problem is that i am not receiving http, tcp and dns packet from my lab traffic , i am getting mostly arp and ssdp

asked 17 Oct '17, 09:38

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Are you sure it's really a hub? What's the model number of the item?

(17 Oct '17, 09:50) grahamb ♦

i didn't remembered the hub model but it was 100mb hub

(17 Oct '17, 11:42) jai17

I suspect it's not a hub. Providing the model number would allow folks to check.

(18 Oct '17, 03:00) grahamb ♦