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Handshake … TCP-Options … connecting to printer


Like I have been the TCP options need to be given and replied during the handshake. What I see is that the Print-Server is requesting this features, see screendump: alt Print-Server

While the printer is replying with a limited answer, see screendump: alt Printer

What I would like to know, if printers can support SACK and Window-Scale. Have anyone seen in a reply from a printer, that the printer will do also SACK and Window-Scale, TCP-Options. In the tech-documentation of the printer, is nothing about TCP feature's. So unknown if the printer will do it. But will good to know if someone has seen printers support it.

Printer: Zebra ZXP Series 7

asked 17 Oct '17, 10:05

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2 Answers:


alt text

Hewlett Packard LaserJet P3005.

WS is supported but equals 1. SACK isn't supported.

answered 17 Oct '17, 12:32

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In my experience, most Enterprise/Business class printers have these capabilities (Xerox, HP, etc). For consumer grade, I have seen HP printers support SACK as well as Window Scaling. I have found other cheaper consumer grade printers to have fewer features and no interface to configure TCP. For your particular printer, you will need to spend the time working with your vendor to determine if it is possible to get a firmware upgrade to support this.

answered 18 Oct '17, 07:34

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In the mean time have I found some printer that do support:

SACK Window Scale Timestamps

That is a recent model Enterprise/Business class network printer.

(20 Oct '17, 08:36) Bennekom