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Capturing Packets Between 2 Remote Systems


Is is possible to capture TCP packets traveling between two remote systems that are not directed to the Wireshark host computer?

I need to intercept traffic between an old Redhat Linux 2.4 computer and a discontinued 20-year-old machine that is controlled via TCP/IP in order to analyze it's communication protocol so I can control it with a modern computer. All systems are connected via a legacy Netgear Hub. I am able to open a Telnet connection and capture packets between the Wireshark computer and the machine, but I cannot see any traffic traveling directly between the Redhat Linux computer and the machine.

The IP addresses are as follows:

Wireshark Computer (Windows 10) -

3rd Party Equipment (Not a Computer) -,,

Redhad Linux 2.4 Computer - Unknown, Probably something like

Is there a way to do this?

asked 19 Oct '17, 09:55

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Capturing packets requires access to the physical connection the packets travel trough. They won't take a detour to your Wireshark PC, you have to put your Wireshark were they are visible. In your case the hub would be a perfect spot, but you need to be connected directly to it and it really needs to be a hub (some "hubs" are switches in reality, and you won't see the packets).

For more information on capture setups, check the following links:

answered 19 Oct '17, 10:15

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Thanks for the quick answers.

To Jasper, I am connected to the Hub and I can intercept traffic if I communicated directly to the machine with the Wireshark Windows computer. The HUB is a real HUB, not a switch. I will review your links.

To Jaap, how do I learn about setting up the SSH connectin? This is a very old version of Redhat.

(19 Oct '17, 10:44) dcs

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Provided that:

  1. You have SSH access to the Redhat box
  2. There's tcpdump installed in that box

You can use the remote capture options of Wireshark, which allows you to capture traffic through an SSH tunnel.

answered 19 Oct '17, 10:33

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