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what is NBSTAT 00 00 00 00



i tried to check my network security be monitoring packet on my computer (with win10), but i found that my computer exchange nbns packet with every website that i open facebook, google ...

this a screenshot from wireshark session

alt text

my computer is clean from malicious software, also i tried with a clean vm with win10 and i found the same packets. with my computer in work i found the same packets exchange with any website that i browse.

just wanna know what is the story of these packets.


asked 24 Oct '17, 12:44

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Not quite an answer but I'm just seeing exactly the same, apart from IP addresses but they are all public as well:

(24 Oct '17, 13:38) patkszen

yeah it's the same, for example in ur case the ip is belong to kaspersky

(25 Oct '17, 12:11) Huolsam

One Answer:


I would disable NetBios altogether unless you have a specific need for it.

Check a previous answer:

answered 25 Oct '17, 08:48

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Papa Packet
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