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what is this sniffed password ?


dear all, can you please interpret the password in the attached photo, i.e from hex to text so i can use it for login

asked 24 Oct '17, 14:35

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One Answer:


Looks almost like it is hex encoded but there are some parts that aren't, e.g. %C3K, %219 and %0F0. A common way to find out how this works is to visit the website with a known password and check the cookie value to find out how the encoding works.

answered 24 Oct '17, 14:42

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Jasper ♦♦
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thanks dude

can i get your skype or whatsapp please

i need your help for more details, kindly.

(24 Oct '17, 14:49) mnewiraq

You're welcome. I use neither Sykpe nor WhatsApp, or any other application of that kind, sorry.

(25 Oct '17, 05:18) Jasper ♦♦